Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll has so many benefits that it is widely used for many different purposes.  It is the green pigment in plants, sometimes called “the green blood of plants,” and is what makes photosynthesis possible within plants to take the sun’s rays and turn it into energy.


The similarities between chlorophyll and human blood are remarkable.  The main difference is that its primary atom is magnesium, whereas in human blood it is iron.  This has led to the main use of chlorophyll supplements as a blood cleanser, which detoxifies the entire body.  

Used as an overall body cleanser, the results are nothing short of amazing.  By ridding the body of toxins, chlorophyll acts as an internal deodorizer.  Many find relief from what are even considered to be normal body odors.  The intestines and colon are also refreshed, supporting regularity.


Halitosis (bad breath) is most often caused by problems with digestion.  As the digestive tract is cleansed and deodorized, bad breath naturally disappears.  Since Nature’s Sunshine added spearmint oil to the liquid chlorophyll, gargling and swishing out the mouth will give immediately fresher breath.  

With the body being cleansed and beneficial flora supported in the digestive tract, the immune system is boosted.  By creating an oxygen rich blood supply and a more alkaline, pH balanced system, disease is more easily resisted.  While the body is healed from the inside out, wounds will heal faster and skin disorders have been known to clear up.



Chlorophyll can be particularly useful to women.  The need for more oxygenated blood can be supported during the monthly cycle.  Regularity is more easily achieved during pregnancy and after childbirth with daily supplementation, often eliminating the need for prescription and over the counter laxatives.

In the battle against cancer, liquid chlorophyll is a mighty preventive measure.  Heavy metals and other carcinogens are stripped from the system leaving behind oxygen, making it more difficult for cancer and other diseases to grow.  It is also safe to be taken during treatments and in conjunction with special diets.  


Nature’s Sunshine offers liquid chlorophyll in 3 varieties.  The largest is 32 ounces and the other 2 are both 16 ounces, however one is extra strength.


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