Nature's Sunshine Iron, Chelated (25 mg) (180 tabs)

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 Promote healthy circulatory function with Nature's Sunshine Iron, Chelated (25 mg) (180 tabs)


  • Provides circulatory system support.
  • Supports the transport of oxygen to the tissues.
  • Supports energy metabolism.
  • Provides 25 mg iron per tablet.

How It Works:

Iron is a mineral used by the body in the production of red blood cells. It helps the blood transport oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. Without sufficient iron, the tissues, muscles and other systems do not receive adequate oxygen and thus they cannot perform properly. This product provides iron (ferrous gluconate) that is gentle on the bowel and contains vitamin C to promote iron absorption by the body.


25 mg iron (139% of Daily Value), 50 mg vitamin C (83% DV), calcium, phosphorus, rose hips extract, yellow dock root, thyme leaves, mullein leaves and chickweed aerial parts.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 tablet daily with a meal.

Best When Combined With: