Nature's Sunshine Lecithin (180 softgel caps)

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Nature's Sunshine Lecithin (180 softgel caps) is an herbal vitamin supplement.


  • Maintains cell membrane structure.
  • Supports the nervous system.
  • Supports digestion and healthy circulatory system function.

How It Works:

Lecithin contains fat-like substances called phospholipids. Components of lecithin protect cells from oxidation and largely comprise the protective sheaths surrounding the nerves in the brain and nervous system. It is needed by every cell in the body and is a key building block of cell membranes, helping them to maintain flexibility. Although lecithin is a fatty substance, it is also a fat emulsifier. Emulsifiers in the body play an important role in fat digestion and circulatory health. The nervous system may benefit from the choline in lecithin. Choline is useful for making acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.


Soy lecithin.

Recommended Use:

Take 2 softgels with meals three times daily.