Nature's Sunshine Calcium Plus Vitamin D (150 tabs) NEW SIZE!

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Calcium Plus Vitamin D by Natures Sunshine is a formula that provides nutritional support to the bones, ligaments, skin, and tendons. Calcium Plus Vitamin D provides a group of ingredients that work in synergy for maximum effectiveness. For example, calcium is important for muscle contractions. Phosphorus works with B vitamins to maintain the right balance of fluid in the body, while vitamin D helps calcium work properly. Adults need a minimum of 400 mg of vitamin D and many people dont get that amount in their diets or through sun exposure Calcium is also a necessary part of bone health and adults need approximately 1,000 mg, which would be the equivalent of about 4 cups of 1% milk. Natures Sunshine Calcium Plus Vitamin D is just what you need to provide the proper nutrients to bones, tendons, and skin