Nature's Sunshine Intestinal System Pack (30 day)

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Give your intestinals a boost with Nature's Sunshine Intestinal System Pack (30 day)



  • Cleans and builds the intestinal system and strengthens colon tissue.
  • Populates the gut with friendly microflora.
  • Supports digestion.
  • Aids in the elimination process.

How It Works:

Bowel Detox provides enzymes to aid in upper gastrointestinal tract digestion. Also contains bulking agents to help encourage the proper flow of waste through the colon.

Probiotic Eleven provides 11 strains of friendly bacteria that support proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Probiotics help produce vitamins, enzymes, support immune function and help prevent constipation.

Psyllium Hulls are a soluble fiber that absorb water and help absorb bowel toxins. They also slow the absorption of dietary sugar, and may reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.


Each packet contains 2 Bowel Detox capsules, 2 Psyllium Hulls capsules and 1 Probiotic Eleven capsule.

Recommended Use:

Take the contents of one packet in the morning with breakfast and one packet in the evening with a meal. Follow this pattern for 30 days.

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