Nature's Sunshine Nutri-Burn® Vanilla (870 g)

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Nature's Sunshine Nutri-Burn Vanilla contains an optimal blend of protein from whey and calcium caseinate. Whey protein provides essential amino acids and has the highest biological value of any protein supplement. It releases quickly into the body and is best for fast efficient muscle building and repair. Ideally you should consume whey protein within 45 minutes of exercise. Calcium caseinate protein offers a sustained release of amino acids and may help curb appetite for a longer period of time.Nutri-Burns patented whey protein matrix undergoes extreme filtration to remove all impurities. The result is premium-quality lactose-free whey protein that is ready to be utilized for muscle repair and energy. Additionally Nutri-Burn contains plant enzymes that help break down protein molecules into smaller better-absorbed amino acids. Nutri-Burn also contains one gram of prebiotic fiber (scFOS) per serving to help support gut health.Mix 2 rounded scoops of Nutri-Burn powder with 1216 oz. cold water or mix to taste. For best results use the NSP Power Shaker.

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