Tofu Moo Natural (22.5 oz.)

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 Tofu Moo [Vital Nutrition] drink mix comes from tofu, a soybean product that originated in the Orient. 


  • Provides calcium and vitamins A & D.
  • Is all-natural and fat-free.
  • Is made from non-GMO soy.
  • Tastes great–in natural or carob flavors.

How It Works:

Tofu Moo drink mix comes from tofu, a soybean product that originated in the Orient. Soybeans are known for their many health benefits. Tofu Moo (powdered tofu) tastes similar to milk but contains no lactose—good news for the estimated 70 percent of the world's population that is lactose-intolerant. Tofu Moo is low-fat, cholesterol-free and low in sodium. One 8-ounce serving contains 50% of the Daily Value for calcium. Tofu Moo also contains phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin D. Tofu Moo is a healthful addition to the daily diet. It can be mixed with water for a tasty drink, substituted for milk or added to recipes. Carob Tofu Moo contains no hydrogenated oils.


Maltodextrin, tofu powder (from soy), calcium carbonate, fructose, Arabic gum, natural flavors (from milk), di-potassium phosphate, sea salt, lecithin (from soy), carrageenan, vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3.

Recommended Use:

Add 1 scoop of powder to 6 oz. of hot or cold water. Stir briskly until dissolved, then add enough water to make 8 ounces.

NOTE: Not to be used as an infant formula.