Sunshine Concentrate Cleaner (32 fl. oz.)

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 Keeps your house clean with Nature's Sunshine Sunshine Concentrate Cleaner (32 fl. oz.)


  • Is a natural, all-purpose cleaner.
  • Is phoshate-, borate- and acid-free.
  • Offers powerful cleaning in a biodegradable formula.

How It Works:

This all-purpose, concentrated cleaner is tough on dirt, grease and grime, yet it won’t harm the environment or your family because it contains no phosphates, borates or acids. Its biodegradable cleaning and sudsing agents break down easily, helping to prevent foaming in lakes and streams. It can be used in the kitchen, laundry, outdoors, indoors and for bathing.


Recommended Use:

Appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, walls, etc.: 1 tsp. per quart of warm water. 
Dishes, bowls, glasses, silverware, etc.: 2 tsp. per average basin of hot water. 
Pots and pans: 2 Tbsp. per gallon of hot water. 
Floors: 2 Tbsp. per gallon of hot water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water before applying wax.
Mirrors, windows, glass: 1 tsp. per gallon of water; spray or sponge on, rinse, wipe dry. 
Stain removal: Use full strength before laundering, to help remove ball-point ink, chocolate, lipstick, shoe polish or grease from washable, color-fast material.
Ceramic and plastic tile: 2 Tbsp. per gallon of water. Sponge or spray on. Rinse. Is also safe for wood floors and woodwork. 
Hand and body cleanser and shampoo: Place a few drops in palm, rub well, rinse. For bathing, add 2 tsp. per tub of water. 
Fruits and vegetables: 1/2 tsp. per basin of cool water. Wash well, rinse thoroughly to remove sprays, waxes and pesticides. 
Hand washables: 1 tsp. per quart lukewarm water. Use for silks, woolens and other fine washables. Wring gently, rinse well. 
Laundry booster: Add 1/4 cup to water to boost the cleaning power of laundry compound.