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Mind-Max capsules from Nature’s Sunshine are a potent brain boost aid. This is mainly due to its primary ingredient, magnesium l-threonate. There seems to be little comparison between it and its naturally occurring counterpart, magnesium. Let’s talk a look shall we?


Firstly, why not just take ordinary magnesium or vitamin C supplements? Well, over the past several decades there has been increasing research into what magnesium does for the body - and the answer is actually quite a bit. It is needed for muscle tissue, for your heart, even for your teeth. You may have heard of buzz words such as electrolyte before. Magnesium is one of them. It is the fourth most abundant mineral to be found in the human body, assuming one is getting their recommended daily amount. However, ordinary magnesium has two fatal flaws, it is in short supply (to be specific, there is a lot of it - but it is hard to utilize) and it doesn’t work as effectively, especially with the brain, as magnesium l-threonate - the primary ingredient in Mind Max capsules. Thus making magnesium l-threonate king.


Magnesium I-threonate is a synthetic, a derivative of vitamin C. Thanks to research done at MIT back in 2010 we now know it is the most efficient form of magnesium to supply the brain with what it needs. It is just as safe as naturally occurring magnesium and its efficacy makes it much more viable to use as a brain boost. 


Mind Max is a cognitive synapse booster, that is to say it improves cognition, stamina and recall. In this regard it is miles ahead of ordinary magnesium. It has also been known to aid with hair loss in certain individuals and reduce anxiety in others.


The everyday magnesium you find on the shelves of your grocery store is simply not well absorbed by your system.  Magnesium I-threonate crosses the blood brain barrier which aids in far greater absorption. You would have to use 100 times more magnesium to get the same effect as Mind Max. 


To begin experiencing the effect, it is recommended to take 3 capsules before breakfast and 3 more at bedtime.  Continue for one week and then stop the bedtime dose.


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