Nature's Sunshine LBS II

LBS II stands for “Lower Bowel Stimulant.”  Nature’s Sunshine created this product to encourage lazy and irregular systems to get moving again.  Unlike laxatives, LBS II is gentle and promotes proper functioning of the bowels instead of just a bowel flush.

An often overlooked element of regularity are the peristaltic muscles.  To understand how these muscles work, just imagine an earth worm and how it moves along the ground.  The digested food that travels through our body goes through canals that function that same way.  If these muscles become weak, waste is not cleansed as it should.  Cascara Sagrada or “Sacred Bark” as well as licorice root stimulate these muscles to get them working again.


An herb you don’t hear mentioned often, but is an important part of LBS II, is Couch Grass.  Also known as Quackgrass and Witchgrass, it was added to nourish the intestinal system and the urinary system.  Additional benefits can include loosening mucous and phlegm and soothing sore throats.  The same benefits to the sinuses of dispelling mucous are also experienced in the digestive tract.  Toxic waste that has built up for some time can be passed easily and gently.



As the ingredients work together to cleanse your digestive tract, Ginger Root is soothing it.  It is also known to be an anti-inflammatory and conditions such as arthritis and other muscle discomfort have been known to ease with its use.

Many of the supplements used in Nature Sunshine’s LBS II are beneficial to more than just the digestive system.  Oregon Grape Root supports the liver and gallbladder, but is also is known to fight infections.  And since so many conditions stem from liver difficulty, other ailments such as eczema may be relieved.


Any idea what a capsicum fruit is? It’s more familiar name is bell pepper.  Bell peppers are rich in antioxidants and highly recommended to prevent cancer.  It also fights off food-borne disease and helps circulation.  Capsicum fruit also increases the metabolism so there may be an increase in energy and possibly weight loss.


Such an amazing combination of herbs is put together by Nature’s Sunshine, known for producing dependable, high quality herbal supplements.  Strict quality control ensures that you receive consistent potency and a reliable nutritional supplement.  LBS II can also be found in CleanStart in Wild Berry and Apple/Cinnamon flavors as well as Dieter’s Cleanse and the Tiao He Cleanse.  It works very well in combination with Black Walnut, Herbal Pumpkin, and Intestinal Soothe & Build.

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