Nature's Sunshine Silver Shield with Aqua Sol

Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield with Aqua Sol is an all-around immune system booster.  The only ingredients are deionized water and silver. The silver is a specially processed colloidal silver, which has been used for over 100 years as a substitute for commercial anti-biotics.


The benefits are numerous, but silver gained in popularity as an anti-fungal treatment since it is lethal to so many types of parasites, molds, and fungi.  It has also been used widely to treat viruses, skin conditions, and just a general immune system helper. Another reason silver shield is so effective is that it is processed by the kidneys, so none of the good bacteria that are so important to normal functioning and regularity are affected in the colon.

Simply take 1 teaspoonful with a meal 3 times a day, there is no need to mix it with any other liquid.  Silver Shield with Aqua Sol is so gentle, that it can even be used in the eyes and inside the ears and nasal passages.  It is safe and non-toxic, absolutely no need to worry about heavy metal poisoning which can result from other types of silver products.


Nature’s Sunshine uses a patented process and then enforces rigorous quality control standards to ensure potency and 99% bioavailability of particles.  There are make yourself colloidal silver home kits, but great care must be exercised in its manufacture.  Not all colloidal silver products are made alike.  You can feel good knowing that this is made by an experienced company that can guarantee its purity.

While anti-biotics have become ineffective as more and more bacteria become resistant to their power, colloidal silver is growing in popularity.  But you do not have to wait to take advantage of its immune benefits until you experience anti-biotic resistance.  Silver Shield with Aqua Sol can be used to prevent anti-biotic resistance by using it before a prescription anti-biotic is needed.


Users experience even more positive results when coupled with Olive Leaf, Echinacea and Golden Seal, or Nature’s Sunshine Immune Stimulator.  All ingredients have been used as immune system booster and when put together the effect can be substantive.



You will be glad to know that Silver Shield is completely tasteless and odorless, it will be like tasting water. There are 24, teaspoon size servings in each bottle of Silver Shield with Aqua Sol. Each serving provides 90 micrograms/18 parts per million and are guaranteed to be pure.

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