Nature's Sunshine Nutri-Calm

For those that need a good night’s sleep and some much needed relaxation, Nature’s Sunshine offers an easy solution in their vitamin and dietary supplement Nutri-Calm.  By providing over 100 percent of the daily needs of important nutrients, and in some cases over 1300%, the nervous system is supported and nerves are soothed.
To replenish nutrients used while the body is stressed, take one capsule with a meal three times a day.  The rapid loss of B vitamins can contribute to fatigue, hair loss, and also sets the stage for many diseases.  Supporting the nervous system through resupplying the body with doses of B complex vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, B6, and B12 at 567% to 1333% of the recommended value, sets the stage for better health.
Valerian root extract is an important element of Nutri-Calm.  This herb has been used as an effective sleep aid without the side effects and dependency experienced in other products and helps sleep to feel more restful.
Vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids provide protection against free radicals with their anti-oxidant power.  Their bioactivity boosts your immune system and are even thought to provide strength to the capillaries.  
To fall asleep faster, passionflower flower extract has been added.  Not only does it help with insomnia, it also eases your nerves, reducing stress and anxiety.  Many have found it to also be effective against weight gain.  Once asleep, the hopsflowers extract contributes to a deeper sleep, as well as reduced anxiety while awake.
The superfood bee pollen is the crowning ingredient in Nature’s Sunshine Vita-Calm.  Some consider bee pollen to be a virtual fountain of youth because of its age reversing effects.  It also provides yet another boost to the immune system and helps to fight against a growing list ofdiseases.  Much research has shown that every nutrient needed for ideal health is included in bee pollen.
Take Nutri-Calm on its own to aid in relaxation, fight anxiety, and help you sleep.  Or you can use it in conjunction with other Nature’s Sunshine nutritional supplements such as Kava Kava, Herbal Sleep, Adrenal Support, and Stress-J and experience even greater results.  For a traditional Chinese herb approach, you can add Stress Relief TCM.   When purchased through our loyalty program, enjoy the greatest savings.  And, of course, there is never sales tax.
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